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Growing herbs for cooking

Herbs can make all the difference to a meal. There’s nothing more satisfying than adding herbs into the pot of food you are cooking, instantly smelling the beautiful aromas and knowing you have handpicked and grown your own herbs. Whether you have a small or big garden, or no garden, even if you live in […]

Home composting and reducing landfill

Home composting is an effective way to hugely reduce your household waste and turn it into compost at home. This has become a lot more popular, and people are finally becoming more aware of it and seeing the benefits at home. By recycling food and other organic materials (example: Lawn and tree trimmings, fruit and […]

Weed-free product

Our piles are closely monitored to ensure that they reach the correct temperatures. This gives us the confidence to proudly guarantee a weed-free end product. You will see how the compost is dropped into the hopper, goes up the conveyor and then through the sieve. Lastly, we have a quality check person to fish out […]