How our compost is made

Have you ever wondered how your favourite compost is made?

What goes into making that gorgeous, rich earthy goodness that your garden loves? 

This is just one of the raw materials, albeit a very large percentage of the end product – your garden waste!
After the raw garden waste is sorted, it is pushed into windrows and the fun begins!
You will see all the different piles, at different stages of decomposition.
The piles are turned regularly to ensure that the composting process stays aerobic – we are hot composting and therefore need to include oxygen and moisture to our piles.
Aside from garden organics, we receive various other food and liquid waste to our site which are added to the piles to become part of the end product.
Some examples are tissue pulp, vegetables, soup, spent grain, IOP to name a few. By taking these materials and turning them into compost, they are being diverted from landfill.
Last year we received over 11000 tonnes of waste, excluding garden organics.