About Living Earth

Nic Jordan, a farmer from Ballito, began making compost in 2005 by recycling the garden organics that used to be sent to the local landfill site. Originally the compost was made solely for use on his farm. His goal from the beginning was to make a microbially rich, high quality compost. After seeing the results on his own farm and receiving feedback from landscapers and gardeners who have used his compost, he decided to make the compost available to the public. Living Earth is the result. Living Earth Compost is available in bulk making it environmentally friendly (no plastic bags) and much more cost effective. It can be delivered by bakkie or truck load. Living Earth also offer a service to spread the compost in the garden. Living Earth Compost is also available in bags available at the better nursery and hardware stores.

Having earned a reputation for consistently high quality and services, Nic expanded Living Earth with the establishment of 30 hectares of instant lawn. This lawn is of a very high standard and is grown with the aid of a unique growing medium designed to improve the rooting and water retention of our sods. This means that the new lawn is supplied with a nutrient rich growing medium providing slow release nutrients and a greater water holding capacity – so important in a new lawn installation.

We supply: