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Water – use it sparingly but also be kind to your lawn.

The North Coast is known for it’s most spectacular sunrises in Winter. Whilst we look forward to this time of year we also need to remember that as we approach Winter and more drier months, we need to remember to use water sparingly, as we won’t have as much rainfall as the rest of the […]

Was your garden damaged during the floods?

Destruction of gardens from the recent KZN floods ranged from completely eroded and destroyed, to less severely damaged and those with some silt on the ground. You may not know where to start with trying to get your garden back to its pre-flood state, but the  first thing to do is assess the damage and […]

How to preserve groundwater

In light of World Water Day we are sharing some ways you can help with preserving our groundwater. What is groundwater? It refers to water that’s found beneath the earths surface. It’s held in the soil or in pores and crevices in rock. Remember that we live on top of our drinking water and our […]