Water – use it sparingly but also be kind to your lawn.

The North Coast is known for it’s most spectacular sunrises in Winter. Whilst we look forward to this time of year we also need to remember that as we approach Winter and more drier months, we need to remember to use water sparingly, as we won’t have as much rainfall as the rest of the year. If your grass is looking dry, then water it but be water conscious when it comes to your gardens and lawns. Jojo or water tanks might not be as full as they were in the previous months, so get creative, use the water you have saved from your shower (while waiting for it to heat up, put a bucket in the shower to catch the excess water) or use bath water to water your lawn. You can look at some other tips we have put together for preserving groundwater here.

In Winter we also need to protect your garden from extreme cold by applying a layer of lawn dressing which acts like a blanket. This can save your grass from getting damaged if we have another extremely cold spell like last year. For the best results, use an organic lawn dressing, like Living Earth, and spread a 1cm layer over your entire lawn being careful not to smother the lawn.  Always allow leaf to show through the soil for photosynthesis.

Watering your grass, a couple of days before we hit low temperatures, can help protect it from any damage caused by frost. Watering your grass in the morning is best, as it has time in soak in well, before the temperature drops in the evening.

Your grass doesn’t need as much water in the winter than it does in the summer, due to less evaporation, but it still needs to be watered and cared for.